early 3D animations made by halnovemila
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Original filename: ALEPEP.FLI
Number of frames:248
Download size:5.31MB
Description:This animation is an example of use of various technique as object morphing, object motion, camera motion, specular maps, shadow maps, and surface texturing.

Original filename: ALECAM.FLI
Number of frames:261
Download size:3.14MB

This animation is the same as the one rendered as ALEPEP.FLI but the camera has a fixed position while an object with a camcorder like shape is used to show the ALEPEP animation camera movements.
An animated texure playing ALEPEP animation is also applied to the rectangular surface in the left bottom corner of the camera view.

Original filename: SPNROT.FLI
Number of frames:200
Download size:5.72MB

This animation shows a rotating object that was both designed and patented by myself.