Dear Mr. Robert "Pumpyhead" Lozada,
i made a geometry improvement to the AfterBurner Flame of F-16. My mod is applicable to all F4 models that make use of the A/B Flame, however i made the experimental mod using the F-16CG model that FF2 Credits text file states it belongs to you.
Then i made the mod freely available to the "community" by placing a link for modified LOD download at this web address
As well known Mr. Antonio "Quake" Lumia has pointed me to a possible EULA violation because of the download link, i realized that i urge to have your authorization to publish the modified version of your F-16CG model.
Even if i don't really think that the "link" is in violation of what the FF2 EULA literally says ( the EULA prohibit the extraction and distribution of "individual files of package" ) everyone, and me too, agree on the needed to let the orginal model author ( you ) to be aware of the link and to obtain his "express consent".
I look forward to hearing from you soon. All the best.

Alessio - Computers systems & periferials specialist.

Please write to:
Please, put the text "F16 Auth" in the subject field of your e-mail ( highly required; otherwise the e-mail will be automatically deleted )


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