Arctic Cooling NV5 Silencer on 6600GT AGP mod

( per quanto ne so c' solo un'altra persona al mondo che ha fatto questo mod e che ha pubblicato in rete il suo lavoro. Questa persona Dr. Lex e la sua straordinaria pagina Web la puoi trovare qui. Io ho deciso di eseguire a mia volta questo mod dopo aver visto la sua pagina Web )

( as far as i know there is only one other person in the world that has made this mod and published his work on the net. This person is Dr.Lex and you can find his amazing web page here. I have decided to going on this mod after i found his web page )

Click to Zoom in MSI NX6600GT-VTD128 with its retail cooler
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Close view of the coolers retention mechanism

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Coolers removed

Click to Zoom in Two capacitors at the right of the HSI chip were removed because too much tall...
Click to Zoom in ...and then placed back on the rear of the board
Click to Zoom in Here you can see the copper base plate and the four retention screws of the NV5 cooler
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Using OpenOfficeDraw and few pictures i have tried to find the position that better fit the shape of the NV5 cooler on the GPU and Ram chips.

If you want give it a look you can dowload here the OpenOfficeDraw document i have used. Of course to open that document you have to install the 2.0 suite. To get your free copy of, the FREE professional office suite, go to

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M2 screws, a couple of unused cooler springs, and a BIC ink pipe; that's all i have used.

M2 screws are very hard to find. I was able to get few of them from SchraubenSeifert eBay store.

Click to Zoom in The copper base of the NV5 cooler has been cutted and the new M2 screws put in place.
Click to Zoom in Made a shaped hole on the NV5 plexiglass chassy because of too much tall capacitors
Click to Zoom in The exhaust has been shortened...
Click to Zoom in Thermal pads in place and silver thermal grease spread over GPU and HSI chips
Click to Zoom in NV5 cooler mounted
Click to Zoom in The original retention mechanism were recycled and now it looks like this.
Click to Zoom in One of the memory chips was left uncovered by the heatsink base of the NV5 cooler; so i bought a set of eight pure 100% copper BGA heatsink from ThermalTake and modded one of them to be able to put it well on the uncovered RAM chip
Click to Zoom in Close look to the mounted BGA memory heatsink
Click to Zoom in NX6600GT-VTD128 with its new modded Arctic Cooling NV5 Silencer installed

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