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( This Web page holds a list of informations that i wasn't able to find on the net even after many hours of search and that finally i was able to get by myself by doing a deep system/software behaviour analysis. Click on the flag icon to switch to the English version. )







Autorun of EnsoniqMixer Starter.exe

On 12/20/2007 i've downloaded from the Creative web site the updated Windows98 driver ( Win98, Win9x, driver date 3-30-2000, CTPCI9X.DRV ver. ) for a Creative Sound Blaster Vibra 128 PCI ( model number CT4810 ) sound card.
After the driver installation i've found a new item named EnsoniqMixer on the Windows startup list; it was pointing to the starter.exe executable file ( starter.exe is supposed to be a Creative Mixer replacement of the default Windows mixer ).
However the starter.exe file did not exists anywhere on the system as it didn't install together with the driver; despite this the EnsoniqMixer reference were generated soon after the driver installation and, if removed, it was then added again to the startup list the next system reboot.


Who adds EnsoniqMixer?

After many search inside the Windows registry, inside files, and many experiments i ended up to discover that responsable to add the EnsoniqMixer reference on the start-up list was... the sound card driver!
more precisely the CTPCI9X.DRV file ( located on Windows\System ).
You can check this, removing the EnsoniqMixer reference using a tool like Starter from Codestuff, then disabling and re-enabling the sound card via the Windows Device Manager; you'll find that soon after the driver will be loaded, the EnsoniqMixer reference will come up again on the startup list as if it was never removed.


When EnsoniqMixer isn't add

I found that the EnsoniqMixer reference isn't add to the start-up list if the Creative Mixer ( CTMIX32.EXE ) is installed on the system; once Creative Mixer is installed, the EnsoniqMixer is no more added even if the Creative Mixer reference is removed from the start-up list.
It's clear that the sound card driver doesn't add the EnsoniqMixer reference if it recognize the Creative Mixer presence on the system.
Next step is to find how the sound card driver recognize the Creative Mixer presence.


Get rid of EnsoniqMixer

Using Total Uninstall ( ver. 2.31, freeware, dicember 2002 ), after many Creative Mixer installation/unistallation experiments, i was able to find the item that itself alone was enough for the sound card driver to recognize the Creative Mixer as installed on the system.
That item is a Windows registry Key; more precisely this one:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\CTMIX32.EXE
When this key is present the sound card driver no more adds the EnsoniqMixer reference to the Windows start-up list.

To make it simplier to add the key to the registry i've made a regedit file that you can download here.
Unzip, double click on Remove_EnsoniqMixer.reg and confirm.



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